Divine providence creates timing. And in the fullness of time, Apostle Arthur L. McGuire, Sr. founded Joshua Christian Ministries on September 10, 2000. This multicultural, non-denominational ministry’s goal is to bring people into a vital, loving relationship with the true and living God in Jesus Christ. So, as Believers they can BE who God wants them to be; DO what God wants them to do and HAVE what God wants them to have according to His Word. Thereby, they will come to know the very purpose and destiny for which they were born, and be a blessing and a witness within their sphere of influence of the love of Christ.

God has graced Apostle McGuire with the gifts of prophecy and healing and with a special anointing to reach men. He is not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ; he boldly, uncompromisingly teaches and preaches the whole counsel of God’s Word. Apostle McGuire is a man who lives what he teaches and teaches by the way he lives. He firmly believes that the church of the Living God should make disciples and not cripples.

Apostle McGuire, knows what God can do because he has and continues to experience His saving, transforming power in his own life. He declares that in this last day God is creating evidence in the world that He is who He is and can do what He says He can do.

He has served in various local and national organizations such as the Montgomery County Juvenile Court’s Reclaiming Future Natural Helper Program as a faith based Champion; Operation Serve International to resource and educate pastors in Cairo, Egypt; and the Center for Urban Renewal and Education (CURE), CUREnet of pastors. He also serves as liaison and advocate for the Miami Valley Women’s Center and the Black Life Coalition. He leads resource development efforts to support mothers and fathers who choose life for their pre-born children. In 2016, Apostle McGuire was honored as one of the Dayton Top 10 African American Men by Parity, Inc. for his stellar leadership in the local community and beyond.

Apostle McGuire served his country in Vietnam, and his community for 25 years as a City of Dayton firefighter until his retirement in 2003 when he was called to serve full-time as a Pastor, teacher and leader for the Kingdom of God in Southern Montgomery Country. Apostle McGuire holds a Bachelors Degree in Theology, but continues to be fed a fresh word from God, daily. As an avid reader, Apostle McGuire has authored and released his first Book, “Walking in the Fear of Lord- Transformed and Prospered.”

As a husband, he has loved his wife, Charlotte, for 42 years as Christ loves the Church. He is a gentle and caring father of two children; and he and Charlotte are the proud “Poppie & Queenie” of two grandchildren, Jay Ruel and Hannah Elizabeth.

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